This Nominal Roll lists the names and service numbers of more than 2,690 men who served with the 2/33rd Australian Infantry Battalion A.I.F. from 1939 to 1946. NX95923 Roma Patrick Harrison compiled the original master list based on Battalion and Government war service records. It has since been updated by Tim Bean, Ray Gibson, Yvonne Unitt and Gary Traynor. It contains the names of all men known to have served with the 2/33rd Battalion during World War II, including those who transferred to and from other battalions and the 500 who served after hostilities ended.


Honours And Awards

Battle honours

For its service during the war, the 2/33rd was awarded the following battle and theatre honours:
North Africa; Syria 1941; Syrian Frontier; Merjayun; SouthWest Pacifi c 1942–1945; Kokoda Trail; Ioribaiwa; Eora Creek– Templeton’s Crossing II; Oivi–Gorari; Buna–Gona; Gona; Lae–Nadzab; Lae Road; Liberation of Australian New Guinea;

Commanding Officers

The following offi cers commanded the 2/33rd Battalion throughout the war:

  • Lt. Colonel Rudolph Bierwirth (1940–1941)
  • Lt. Colonel John Graham Monaghan (1941)
  • Lt. Colonel John Armstrong Corby (1941–1942)
  • Lt. Colonel Alfred William Buttrose (1942–1943)
  • Lt. Colonel Thomas Richard Worgan Cotton (1943–1945)

Distinguished Service Orders(2)

Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Buttrose
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Cotton

Military Crosses (6)

Captain/ Lt. Col. Thomas Cotton– Syria
Captain Gordon Bennett – Syria
Lieutenant Kevin Power – Kokoda

Captain Dugald Cullen (Copp) – Lae Road
Captain Phillip Curry – Balikpapan
Lieutenant Burton Dawes – Balikpapan

Russian Order of The Patriotic War 1st Class

Lieutenant George Connor

Military Medals (11)

Sergeant Ian Dwyer – Syria
Private Wiliam Gesch – Syria
Corporal Frederick Storey – Kokoda
Lance Corporal Phillip O’Keefe – Kokoda
Private Henry Proudfoot – Kokoda
Corporal Arthur Firth – Kokoda
Private Neville Mulally – Gona
Private George Burns – Lae Road
Private David Green – Lae Road
Private Athol Martin – Balikpapan
Lance Corporal Robert Freeman – Balikpapan

Mentioned in Despatches (30)

  • Indicates an award of an M.I.D. in another campaign with the unit
SYRIA SXl434 Major A. W. Buttrose
QX6089 Lieutenant R. J. C. Dark
NX10168 Sergeant R. L. Kelly
SX1165 Corporal J. A. Wilson
TXI 178 Private W. A. Archer
NX52734 Private W. S. Holt
TX1309 Private C. Daniels

WX299 Major T. R. W. Cotton
VXl1589 Lieutenant W. D. Copp (Cullen)
NX34090 Sergeant F. M. McTaggart
QX3844 Sergeant J. M. Audsley
NX54291 Corporal R. H. Cooper
NX28193 Sergeant H. V. Moore
NX12831 Corporal G. M. Bookallil
NX15239 Private L. Snelling
NX67378 Private R. W. McCarthy
NXl1479 Private C. Cray
NEW GUINEA VXl2895 Lieutenant D. B. Tudehope
NX10168 Sergeant R. L. Kelly
QX35179 Sergeant W. A. McCreath
SX2310 Corporal C. H. Merritt
NX53159 Corporal W. Anlezark
NX2854 Private L. J. Buchanan
NX200216 Private L. J. Cuppitt
NX100776 Private F. D. Garnon
BORNEO WX299 Lt-Col T. R. W. Cotton
NX44065 Sergeant R. Shimmin
NX54291 Sergeant R. H. Cooper
NX13159 Corporal L. W. Skiffington
NX15239 Corporal L. Snelling

Military Cross winner Lieutenant B. E. Dawes,
Signal Officer (left), and Military Medal winner
Private F. J. Martin, A Company.


Unit Colour Patch




Official List of Battle, Action or Engagement with Dates
2/33rd Australian Infantry Battalion

Theatre: Syria

Syria Frontier – 7-8 June, 1941.
Merdjayoun – 9-27 June, 1941.

Theatre: South West Pacific, 1942 – 1945

Kokoda Trail – 22 July-13 November, 1942.
Ioribaiwa – 10-28 September, 1942.
Eora Creek, Templeton’s Crossing 11-8-30 October, 1942.
Oivi – Gorari – 4-13 November, 1942.
Gona – 19 November-9 December, 1942.

Lae Road – 11-15 September, 1943.
Finisterres I – 6 October-26 December, 1943.
Liberation of Australian New Guinea – 18 September, 1943 – 8 August, 1945.
Dumpu – 21 September-5 October, 1943.

Balikpapan – 1-9 July, 1945.
Milford Highway – 10-22 July, 1945.

Individual Honours and Awards


Award of Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) to SX1434 Major – T/Lt – Col Alfred William BUTTROSE

Throughout the campaign, Lt-Col Buttrose displayed leadership of an outstanding quality. Due to the skilful and aggressive handling of his battalion, several enemy pockets were either cleared out or forced to withdraw. His unit was mainly responsible for the enemy defeat at Templeton’s Crossing, Gorari Village, and Gona. In these engagements the enemy lost heavily in men and material.
His confident bearing throughout this long and difficult advance instilled confidence in the members of his unit.

Award of Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) to WX299
Lt-Col Thomas Richard Worgan COTTON, M.C.

Lt-Col Cotton commanded the 2/33rd Australian Infantry Battalion during operations against the Japanese forces in the Ramu Valley between September and December ,1943. The energy and judgement which this officer displayed in the employment of his battalion was largely responsible for the successful part played by the unit throughout the campaign. His solid leadership, his coolness under fire, and the constant personal reconnaissance he made, served as an inspiration to his men, operating as they did, under adverse weather conditions and over extremely difficult country.
The splendid example he set, and the vigour and ability which he applied to the tasks allotted to him, contributed greatly to the success of the operations in the Ramu Valley.

Award of Military Cross (M.C.) to WX299
Captain Thomas Richard Worgan COTTON.

On 9, 10 and 11 of June, 1941, he led his company in the attack on Fort Khiam, and by his personal example, physical endurance and courage, combined with sound tactics, succeeded in capturing the Fort. He inspired his company in their first experience of severe shell and mortar bombardment, as well as intense m.g. fire on numerous occasions. After the capture of Fort Khiam, his subsequent action with regard to Khiam village, which was occupied by m.g.s. particularly sited, was at all times forceful, aggressive, sound and also resulted successfully.

Award of Military Cross (M.C.) to WX335
Captain Gordon William BENNETT

This officer led his company on the 9, 10 and 11 June, 1941, via Kheibe to Hebbariye and in the latter area was isolated from the battalion for two complete days. During these two days his company was attacked on numerous occasions by cavalry and infantry but repulsed all attacks, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy. He obtained food from the native villages and withdrew to the battalion area only when his ammunition was expended. The action of this company in creating uneasiness on the part of the enemy in an area where an attack was not expected materially influenced favourably the attacks on Khiam and later Merdjayoun. He displayed initiative, resource, leadership and physical endurance of a high order. At a later period his company unaided captured Poste Christofini which was thought to be an important OP area and which was occupied by a small body of enemy cavalry

Award of Military Cross (M.C.) to VX12699
Lieutenant Kevin POWER

As patrol leader in a patrol attack on the Jap flank and rear he was successful in reaching his objective and holding it for an hour in the face of terrific odds, only withdrawing when it was obvious the patrol was about to be surrounded. As he was checking out his patrol he was informed that a heavy enemy gun was in position some distance down the track. With two men he returned to the gun and in spite of heavy odds he was successful in disabling it. Under heavy fire he returned three times to the attack to help out wounded men. As the patrol was withdrawing it was again heavily engaged, and with Corporal Bogan, Lieutenant Power remained and fought a bitter rearguard action until the patrol was safe. His coolness and ability during the patrol are being constantly reported by the men of the patrol. Date of action 13 Oct, 1942. Place of action north of Myola.

Award of Military Cross (M.C.) to
Lieutenant (T /Captain) H. D. CULLEN

For complete and utter disregard of personal danger under extremely heavy fire, in directing his company in two engagements. On 14 Sept, 1943, between Lane’s and Edward’s his company was committed and to exercise the necessary control, Captain Cullen moved about in an open kunai patch under very heavy fire, inspiring and directing his company in a very successful attack. This I personally witnessed. On 15 September 43, at Edward’s, when his company was again held up and communications were cut he again moved about with complete disregard for personal safety directing the action of his platoons. Finally locating an enemy m.g. post he mounted a bren on the shoulder of one of his men and reduced his target, continuing to fire after he had been wounded. This enabled his company to advance.

Award of Russian Order of the Patriotic War 1st Class to NX34870
Lieutenant George Boyd CONNOR

On the morning of the first day (the 8th June,1941), A Company arrived at a position 100 yards south of Fort Khiam and halted for a recce. Lieutenant Connor went forward to the SE bastion of the fort, alone, and threw in hand grenades through the loophole. He then scaled a drainpipe on the east side of the fort and having arrived inside, broke down the door of a barrack room again t the east wall and shot up the occupants with a t.s.m.g. The occupants ran out another door. He then went and dealt, in a similar manner, with a barrack room on the south wall. During these encounters, Lieutenant Connor lost his respirator and steel helmet. He then proceeded to the SE bastion, where he took prisoner two French medical orderlies, here he was joined by Sergeant Sweetapple, Corporal Campbell and Private Wayte. A French officer, armed with pistol and grenades, approached, and was taken prisoner before he could use them. The French inside the fort, now brought small arms fire to bear on the entrance to the redoubt and threw in grenades. The party started to pick a hole in the outer wall, and were assisted from the outside by a party from the remainder of the company. Lieutenant Connor took the French officer out through the hole in the wall and then other members of the company climbed in, and were not driven out of the fort for half an hour. Both on the morning of the 8th June, and for the remainder of the campaign, until his capture, Lieutenant Connor showed natural leadership, devotion to duty and personal bravery

Award of Military Cross (M.C.) to NX32658
Captain Phillip Samuel CURRY

On 3 July, 1945, when 2/33rd Australian Infantry Battalion was held up in its advance from the beachhead at Balikpapan by accurate and intense machine gun fire from two enemy strongposts dominating the axis of advance. Captain Curry led his company in a wide encircling movement across rugged, densely wooded and extremely hazardous country to attack the enemy positions from the rear. Displaying exceptional resourcefulness, extra-ordinary bushcraft, rare initiative and an inspiring single mindedness of purpose, he guided his men in safety to their objective and routed the enemy with heavy casualties. His leadership and skill saved many lives, and enabled his battalion to secure its objective with minor casualties and allowed the impetus of the advance to be maintained along the whole brigade front. Throughout the whole campaign Captain Curry displayed outstanding qualities of leadership, courage, and determination, which were an inspiration to his company.

Award of Military Cross (M.C.) to NX101643
Lieutenant Burton Ernest DAWES

On 6 July, 1945, at Balikpapan when the command post of 2/33rd Australian Infantry Battalion was struck by an enemy heavy calibre shell which either killed or wounded the entire occupants, Lieutenant Dawes, the unit signal officer, though suffering from a head wound and severe shock, immediately set about the task of restoring the shattered signal lines providing communications to the companies. When he had repaired the cables in the immediate vicinity he led a wiring patrol across a bullet swept area to restore the severed communications to a company which was heavily committed. His courage, initiative, fortitude and determination in the face of great danger and adversity made it possible, during a period of confused fighting, for essential control to be exercised throughout his unit.

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to VX11743
Sergeant Ian Mathew DWYER

This N.C.O. led the first patrol of the battalion across the border into Syria early on the morning of 8 June, 1941, and disconnected telephone wires and examined two bridges under enemy fire to ensure that the bridges were not mined. His cool and skilful leadership contributed largely to the success of his company in capturing its first objectives. Later on, on 11 June, he led a hazardous patrol through Khiam Village and throughout the campaign his gallantry and devotion to duty were conspicuous.

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to QX1352
Private William Charles Straight GESCH

C Company 2/33rd Battalion were subjected to a fierce counter attack shortly after occupying their objective Khiam feature No. 2 (Little Pimple) on the morning of 23 June, 1941. The position was heavily shelled and machine gunned, but owing to the determined resistance made the enemy was unable to make any headway. They moved to a flank and met resistance from a second trench occupied by Private Gesch and three others. This second by its firm stand throughout the morning forced the enemy to retire. Gesch himself was badly wounded in the head. After a period of unconsciousness he revived and throughout the day until 2100 hrs remained at his post and did outstanding work with two others, Sergeant Henderson having been killed. By his great personal courage and devotion to duty Gesch contributed largely to the great effort made by his company which resulted in the failure of the enemy to regain the feature despite his superiority

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to TX1197
Corporal (A/Sergeant) Frederick Joseph STOREY

In an attack North of Myola on 14 Oct, 1942, he was commanding the forward section when both his platoon commander and platoon sergeant were wounded. He immediately took command and after a rapid reorganisation soon had the platoon in attack again and leading it through m.g. and mortar fire captured his objective. This he held with a
handful of men when severely counter-attacked, until ordered to withdraw. In other attacks he has always led his men with the utmost determination and skill, he was largely responsible for ousting the Jap on at least one other occasion.

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to QX8825
Lance-Corporal Phillip O’ KEEFE

North of Myola on 12 and 14 Oct, 1942, Lance-Corporal O’Keefe who is a stretcher bearer attendant to C Company showed the utmost bravery and devotion to duty under heavy enemy fire during assaults on Japanese positions. He was at all times present with the forward troops dressing wounds and rendering first aid to the wounded on the spot. He was seen on several occasions by his company commander, crawling out through thick undergrowth and under heavy fire, with wounded on his back. He was directly responsible for evacuating seventeen (17) casualties through his own fearless devotion to duty, and total disregard for his own safety.

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to NX10710
Private John Henry PROUDFOOT

During the operations north of Myola on 12, 13 and 14 Oct, 1942, he, by his fearlessness in face of terrific enemy fire, so inspired his section that they were able to bring the operation to a successful conclusion. As the leading man in the forward section in a flank attack he surprised a party of 20 Japs. Without hesitation he charged the party with his t.s.m.g. inflicting heavy casualties. When joined by his section commander the pair were engaged by withering fire, but moving forward to good positions continued to snipe at the enemy until ordered to withdraw by their company commander. His ability on patrols has been excellent especially when it involved contact with the enemy

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to NX25280
Corporal Arthur James FIRTH

When on patrol at Soputa on 19 Nov, 1942, Corporal Firth, after having been ordered to retire instructed three men of his section to give him covering fire and went forward under very severe enemy fire and successfully dragged Private McIntyre, who had been wounded in both legs, back a distance of 70 yards to the covering patrol who then assisted in carrying him. To Corporal Firth’s courage and disregard for personal safety Private McIntyre owes his life. As to others present he risked what they thought was certain death with this outstanding bravery. Corporal Firth has shown courage and ability to lead throughout the whole campaign.

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to NX7423
Private Neville William MULALLY

Private Mulally consistently maintained his telephone line from A Company to Battalion H.Q. despite heavy and constant mortar and rifle fire while in contact with the enemy at Gona on 22 Nov, 1942 he repaired at least five breaks finally laying two alternative lines under heavy fire. On 23 and 24 Nov the line was again frequently cut and repaired. On 26 Nov during a Japanese counter attack, again under heavy mortar fire, the line was cut eight times and Mulally repaired it each time. At one stage he had to leave his post and take part in the action using his t.s.m.g. to good effect.

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to NX36918
Private George Albert BURNS

For gallantry and greeat initiative under heavy enemy fire in two consecutive days fighting. On 14, Sept., 1943, when his company was attacking an enemy position at Lane’s, 7 Platoon was held up by, heavy l.m.g. fire, the platoon commander being wounded and one other rank killed. All communications at this time were cut and Private Burns, batman to the company commander, moved out and under heavy fire moved Lieutenant H. R. Johnston to safety, found out the situation and reported to his company commander who was able to take necessary action to bring the action to a successful conclusion.
On 15 Sept, 1943, at Edward’s Plantation, A Company again came under heavy fire from two m.g.s on the right flank. The country was exceptionally thick with the enemy concealed in foxholes in among our own troops. Private Burns again went out and locating the two-inch mortars of the two platoons led them forward under fire to a position from which they were able to locate and neutralize the m.g.s, thus permitting the advance of his company. Apart from these two incidents, be was consistently active maintaining communications and assisting wounded out under fire. Altogether he showed initiative and gallantry far beyond that which his duties required of him.

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to NX91449
Private David Kenneth GREEN

For great gallantry in the face of heavy enemy fire at Edward’s Plantation, New Guinea. On 15 Sept, 1943, when attacking a strong enemy position, B Company were committed on the flank of C Company who were pinned down by heavy fire. Private Green who at this time was leading the flank section, led his men forward under fire until they were finally held up, then locating the m.g. position which was holding up C Company, he ran forward under heavy fire and annihilated the m.g. position with grenades; thus enabling C Company to make much valuable ground. This action can be substantiated by Lieutenant R. W. Whitfield of C Company 2/33rd Australian Infantry Battalion.

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to QX56046
Private A. J. MARTIN

At Balikpapan on 3 July , 1945, when his company attacked a hill studded with enemy weapons pits and log emplacements, Private Martin was severely wounded. Suffering intense pain and weak from loss of blood, he attacked single-handed the entrenched enemy, killing many with grenades and his sub-machine gun before they could recover from his onslaught. Although wounded a second time, he carried on with his fierce attacks until the feature was taken. His heroism, his tenacity and his fortitude were an inspiration to his comrades and had a profound effect on the success of the attack.

Award of Military Medal (M.M.) to VX11935
Lance-Corporal R. FREEMAN

Lance-Corporal Freeman displayed exceptional courage and initiative during the fighting at Balikpapan from 2 to 17 July, 1945, when he was evacuated wounded. His patrolling ability was a byword in his company and he twice penetrated the enemy’s defences; once to see if there were any survivors of a Liberator’s crew, observed to crash, and the other time to recover the body of his platoon commander. The information he gathered on patrols was invaluable and his accurate pinpointing of enemy guns was responsible for the destruction of at least one 75 m.m. dual purpose gun. He was eventually wounded while on patrol, but even then he was able to provide information of great value. His determination, ability and audacity were at all times a great and lasting inspiration to his fellows in the platoon.

Mentioned in Despatches (30)

SYRIA SXl434 Major A. W. Buttrose
QX6089 Lieutenant R. J. C. Dark
NX10168 Sergeant R. L. Kelly
SX1165 Corporal J. A. Wilson
TXI 178 Private W. A. Archer
NX52734 Private W. S. Holt
TX1309 Private C. Daniels

WX299 Major T. R. W. Cotton
VXl1589 Lieutenant W. D. Copp (Cullen)
NX34090 Sergeant F. M. McTaggart
QX3844 Sergeant J. M. Audsley
NX54291 Corporal R. H. Cooper
NX28193 Sergeant H. V. Moore
NX12831 Corporal G. M. Bookallil
NX15239 Private L. Snelling
NX67378 Private R. W. McCarthy
NXl1479 Private C. Cray
NEW GUINEA VXl2895 Lieutenant D. B. Tudehope
NX10168 Sergeant R. L. Kelly
QX35179 Sergeant W. A. McCreath
SX2310 Corporal C. H. Merritt
NX53159 Corporal W. Anlezark
NX2854 Private L. J. Buchanan
NX200216 Private L. J. Cuppitt
NX100776 Private F. D. Garnon
BORNEO WX299 Lt-Col T. R. W. Cotton
NX44065 Sergeant R. Shimmin
NX54291 Sergeant R. H. Cooper
NX13159 Corporal L. W. Skiffington
NX15239 Corporal L. Snelling

ROLL OF HONOUR – Killed In Action

Name Number Date Place
Baker, L. G. NX79293 6.7.45 Borneo
Bampton, R. G. T. NX24063 16.6.41 Syria
Barclay, G. M. TX417 13.9.42 Papua
NBarton, J. J.ame NX44322 19.11.42 Papua
Baxter, J. A. NX202648 2.7.45 Borneo
Baylis, H. S QX5005 10.11.42 Papua
Bilsborough, E. J. NX28896 17.10.42 Papua
Boman, R. J. NXl1350 22.11.42 Papua
Bradford, H. A. NX26792 15.9.42 Papua
Broomfield, H. QX1497 13.10.42 Papua
Campbell, G. A NX44600 7.7.45 Borneo
Campbell, K. NX9259 8.6.41 Syria
Campbell, R. K. NX41331 14.9.43 New Guinea
Campbell, T. W. NX19594 4.10.42 Papua
Carr, A. W. NX68208 13 .10.42 Papua
Clowes, T. M. QX6232 22.11.42 Papua
Crowther, G. NX43636 19.11.42 Papua
Cullinan, G. T VXl22245 13.10.43 New Guinea
Daniels, C. TX1303 TX1303 Papua
Dennison, H. G. NX52605 1 0.11.42 Papua
Donoghue, J. G NX52605 27.11.42 Papua
Douglas, F. J. NX95806 NX95806 New Guinea
Dring, H. NX6496 11.6.41 Syria
Eklund, A. E NX86087 11.10.43 New Guinea
Erp, A. R. TX751 12.10.42 Papua
Farquhar, E. R. TX12772 16.7.45 Borneo
Foott, R. G. QX1349 12.10.42 Papua
Galloway, J. NX94701 3.7.45 Boreo
Gander, H. A. NX50592 11.10.43 New Guinea
Garnon, F. D. NX100776 3.7.45 Borneo
Gates, G. E. NX280132 0.11.42 Papua
Gordon, J. F. NX22703 19.11.42 Papua
Gunns, L. C NX89514 12.10.42 Papua
Hawkins, O. J. QX3177 10.11.42 Papua
Hayes, I. H. VX94421 18.7.45 Borneo
Henderson, N. F NX8038 23.6.41 Syria
Hooke, A. QX17945 11.10.43 New Guinea
Jones-Parry, E. VX90793 11.10.43 New Guinea
Jones-Parry, E. VX90793 11.10.43 New Guinea
Kelly, P. L. NX67141 15.9.43 New Guinea
Lester, A. NX66952 11.10.43 New Guinea
Lobban, A. A NX37318 22.11.42 Papua
Ludbrook, G. K. NXJ4326 12.10.42 Papua
MacDonald, A. H. NX27917 23.6.41 Syria
McPhee, L. E. J. SX854 8.6.41 Syria
Melville, J. R. W. NXl19431 8.7.45 Borneo
Mosley, J. NX51253 15.9.42 Papua
Nagle, W. F. NX67141 28.6.41 Syria
Nelson, R. L. W. NX113110 6.7.45 Borneo
Noble, C. P. NX54734 10.11.42 Papua
Pashen, R. R. QX45082 3.7.45 Borneo
Pitt, C. L. QX2968 13.6.41 Syria
Plater, M. J. NXl69475 18.7.45 Borneo
Prunty, J. B. NX97329 14.9.43 New Guinea
Rhodes, C. QX3185 l 0.11.42 Papua
Richardson, A. NXl3098 25.6.41 Syria
Riley, F. V. SXl7156 18.7.45 Borneo
Rubenach, H. M. NX97696 18.7.45 Borneo
Ryan, J. T. NX60400 14. 10.42 Papua
Sheedy, R. S. NX2580 12.11.42 Papua (Missing)
Snelling, L. NX15239 6.7.45 Borneo
Stewart, R. J. NX4326 10.11.42 Papua
Stubbs, W. J. NX85178 13.10.43 New Guinea
Taylor, J. A. NX41191 10.11.42 Papua
Tonkin, C. H. NX34614 3.7.45 Borneo
Turnbull, N. W. NX32267 5.7.45 Borneo
Vinson, C. J. SX1090 16.6.41 Syria
Wade, J. M. NX87497 14.9.43 New Guinea
Wal1ace, H. S. WX26133 6.7.45 Borneo
Walton, W. NX4332 22.11.42 Papua
Warne, H. A. NX59611 14.10.42 Papua
Webb, T. SX155 8.6.41 Syria
Williams, R. P. SX2155 23.6.41 Syria
Wilton, A. T. QX14214 3.7.45 Borneo
Wood, C. A. NX10164 23.6. 41 Syria
Woods, F. P. NX67126 14.10.42 Papua
Wylie, F. W. SX2296 16.6.41 Syria

Died Of Wounds

Name Number Date Place
Alpers, D. N. QX16157 15.10.43 New Guinea
Barton, J. W. NX60000 15.11.42 Papua
Beck, J. T. VX2929 14.10.43 New Guinea
Brinkley, P. L. WX462 10.11.42 Papua
Bryson, B. NX11412 11.11.42 Papua
Davies, H. G. L. NX6359 16.7.45 Borneo
Dodd, R. E. SX19484 11.7.45 Borneo
Ellis, J. A. NX67777 16.9.43 New Guinea
Flaherty, K. B NX38571 24.11.42 Papua
Green, D. K. NX91449 11.10.43 New Guinea
Hamilton, H. E. NX80827 18.7.45 Borneo
Hinton, W. A SX23299 3.7.45 Borneo
Howland, R. W. NX70713 1.10.43 New Guinea
Hutchinson, J. H. NX86704 30.11.43 Australia
Lewis, E. G. NX97195 13.7.45 Borneo
Mack, R. P. NX53643 31.12.42 Australia
Monk, L. C. H. NX8098 19.6.41 Syria
Morris, N. E. VX10381 25.6.41 Syria
McKinnon, D. K. NX20605 17.9.43 New Guinea
McMillan, V. B. NX47098 1.10.43 New Guinea
Pearson, W NGX59 24.6.41 Syria
Russell, F. R. QX1261 17.6.41 Syria
Rutter, T. W. NX52597 27.11.42 Papua
Sharpe, J. F. NX203161 3.7.45 Borneo
Simmons, L. A. NX32418 28.11 .42 Papua
Spozetta, W: F. NX203630 3.7.45 Borneo
Thirkell, E. E. NX37128 11.11.42 Papua
Wayte, J. J. NX41301 26.9.43 New Guinea
Whitburn, C. H. NX47310 28.6.41 Syria
Wilson, C. A. NX50765 28.6.41 Syria
Withers, F. J. NX14106 22.11.42 Papua

Died Of Other Causes

Name Number Date Place
Bamford, G. H. DX61 11.7.41 Syria
Beinke, L. W. SX19841 24. 12.44 Australia
Booth, E. J. NX54448 1.11.43 New Guinea
Byrnes, C. R. NX200329 10.11.43 New Guinea
Callender, D. A. VX113123 7.5.45 Australia
Dunne, J. NX20330 6.12.42 Papua
Falkner, E. S. NX25898 28.10.42 At Sea
Fernance, N. A. J. NX92691 9.7.44 Australia
Golsby, K. W. NX2752 19.10.42 Papua
Graham, L. J. NX41289 9.2.42 Egypt
Hamilton, D. C. VX13956 15.7.41 Syria
Heinz, F. M. SX20529 20.11.43 New Guinea
Holliman, S. H. SX1428 4.8.41 Syria
Houston, J. W. NX34009 6.10.44 Australia
Jones, R. N. VX93874 8.10.45 Borneo
Jones, W. G. NX28825 19.10.42 Papua
Joyce, J. H. SX33379 8.8.45 Borneo
Kessack, D. S. NX28658 31.8.41 Syria
McFarlane, M. D. NX66858 12.10.41 Palestine
Murphy, F. G. NX14642 20.11.44 Australia
Polkinghorne, D. M. SX1625 13.9.40 England
Sinclair, G. W. NX66819 13.2.42 Palestine
Stewart, A. QX2979 6.7.41 Syria
Sweeney, W. A. NX15588 19.10.43 New Guinea
Taber, L. A. TX14721 13.10.45 Borneo
Waugh, T. A. NX57975 1.10.42 Papua
Williams, W. S. NX73091 19.10.42 Papua
Williscroft, A.A NX169917 4.1.46 Borneo