The periods the battalion spent in action are shown in bold type

3 Sep Britain and France declare war on Germany
4 May Third convoy, 18th Brigade embarks for overseas
26 Jun 2/33rd Battalion is formed at Tidworth, England
13 Aug The battalion fires first shot at enemy and receives first casualty.
4 oct to The battalion leaves Great Britain aboard
10 Jan “New Hellas” and “Pennland” for the Middle East
9 Mar The battalion arrives at Kilo 89 Palestine, joins with D Company.
8 Jun Allied invasion of Syria – the battalion in action:
11 Jul “ about” Banias, Hasbani Bridge, Khiam, Ferdisse, Rachaya El Fokhar, Windy Corner, The Pimple, lbeles Saki, Jezzine. Armistice.
7-8 Dec Japanese attack Malaya and Pearl Harbour.
9 Feb The battalion embarks on “USS Mt Vernon”.
19 Feb Japanese raid Darwin, Broome, Wyndham
29 Mar The battalion arrives Camp Woodside, South Australia
21 Jul Japanese land Gona.
1 Sep The battalion embarks on “Katoomba” and “Cremer”
15 Sep The battalion in action “about”, Ioribaiwa, Myola
4 Dec Gorari, Gona: relieved
23 Jul The battalion refitting, training – Ravenshoe.
23 Jul The battalion embarks “ Katoomba” for New Guinea
7 Sep The Liberator crash upon the battalion.
9 Sep The battalion deploys for action Nadzab: “about”
1 Jan Lane’s Bridge, Edward’s Plantation, Kiagulan, Valley of the Surinam , The Knoll, Shaggy Ridge, Mene River, 5800 patrol relieved.
2 Jan The battalion “about” Pom Pom, homeward bound,
8 Aug 7th Division march through Brisbane
21 Aug The battalion moves to Kairi, Atherton Tablelands.
2 Jul The battalion lands on Green Beach, Balikpapan
11 Aug Dutch Borneo. In action: “about” Opus, Operator, Metal, Muffl e, Cello, Cart.
6 Aug First atomic bomb on Hiroshima
11 Aug The battalion ceases fire.
11 Aug Unit association formed.
15 Aug All offensive action ceases.
4 Dec The first (NSW) Battalion Association Smoko. Sydney